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Radio and TV Eldorado is intended for all lovers of good music and quality.

For all our listeners we provide great music of love and power 24 hours, seven days a week.


How to listen to our radio?

Click on the player icon to DOWNLOAD. Running this file will receive connection and a direct connection with our radio through which you can listen to Eldorado regardless of whether you are on our site.

Listen to your favorite radio

Instructions for messages from foreign countries.



Paying for your music requests in ADVANCE!


By paying cash in advance you are entitled to a certain number of musical wishes that are accompanied by the text you sent us, broadcasted on the day and time that you want. All Your wishes dont have to be broadcasted on the same day. When some significant date for You is approaching, order a list of few music tracks in advance and all you are left yo do is just to listen to them at the date and time You specified.



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